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Vertical Suburb
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In the early years of the 20th Century, juvenile-book entrepreneur Edward Stratemeyer conceived a series of books aimed at young boys chronicling the adventures of a brilliant teenage inventor by the name of Tom Swift. Written by several authors (mainly Howard R. Garis of "Uncle Wiggly" fame) and issued under the series pseudonym "Victor Appleton," the forty volumes (1910-1941) were remarkably popular, and may be said to have influenced a generation of budding geniuses. In 1954 the heirs of Stratemeyer resumed the series: but now it was The New Tom Swift Jr. Adventures, its hero the even more brilliant son of the original Tom Swift (who still made appearances as the eminence gris of the Swifts' modern high-tech invention facility, of which he was the CEO), and the pseudonymous author was now "Victor Appleton II" (for the most part a gifted storyteller named James Duncan Lawrence). Straddling the fondly-remembered era of nuclear subs, supersonic jets, color TVs, big-finned cars, and sputniks, Tom Jr. and his supporting cast lived on for thirty-four volumes of their own, enduring the Summer of Love and the "Tom Swifties" joke craze, finally succumbing to the world's mounting cynicism in 1971. But Tom Swift Jr. lives on—in our hearts, in our childhood affections, in the science classes he helped us pass once upon a time. And now he lives on here, in a series of full-length tales that are tribute, parody, and modern resurrection. The titles and tales may look familiar, but be warned: this is an alternate-reality Tom Swift, great-grandson of the first one, living today in a world where Tom Jr. never existed. In other words, it's updated-for-modern-readers time, with a twist or two. Join Tom and his pal Bud Barclay in these thrilling unauthorized stories "for today's science-minded boys!"

Hardcover bound editions of all titles--in the "original Tom Swift style"--are now available!

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TOM SWIFT and His Flying Lab
TOM SWIFT and His Jetmarine
TOM SWIFT and His Rocket Ship
TOM SWIFT and His Giant Robot
TOM SWIFT and His Atomic Earth Blaster
TOM SWIFT and His Outpost in Space
TOM SWIFT and His Diving Seacopter
TOM SWIFT in the Caves of Nuclear Fire
TOM SWIFT on the Phantom Satellite
TOM SWIFT and His Ultrasonic Cycloplane
TOM SWIFT and His Deep-Sea Hydrodome
TOM SWIFT in the Race to The Moon
TOM SWIFT and His Space Solartron
TOM SWIFT and His Electronic Retroscope
TOM SWIFT and His Spectromarine Selector
TOM SWIFT and the Cosmic Astronauts
TOM SWIFT and the Visitor from Planet X
TOM SWIFT and His Electronic Hydrolung
TOM SWIFT and His Triphibian Atomicar
TOM SWIFT and His Megascope Space Prober
TOM SWIFT and the Asteroid Pirates
TOM SWIFT and His Repelatron Skyway
TOM SWIFT and His Aquatomic Tracker
TOM SWIFT and His 3-D Telejector
TOM SWIFT and His Polar-Ray Dynasphere
TOM SWIFT and His Sonic Silentenna
TOM SWIFT and His Subocean Geotron
TOM SWIFT and The Mystery Comet
TOM SWIFT and The Captive Planetoid
TOM SWIFT and His G-Force Inverter
TOM SWIFT and His Dyna-4 Capsule
TOM SWIFT and His Cosmotron Express
TOM SWIFT and His Quantum Telesphere
TOM SWIFT and His Racing Aquadisk
TOM SWIFT and His Thoughtograph Imager
TOM SWIFT in The Underlands of Mars
TOM SWIFT and His Humanplifying Exosuit
TOM SWIFT and His X-Flight Solarplane
(Vol 39 temporarily unavailable in digital form)
TOM SWIFT and His Timephonic Oscillotron
TOM SWIFT and His Resilientronic Shield
TOM SWIFT and His Junglemobile
TOM SWIFT and His Lunar Accelapult
TOM SWIFT on Planet Zero Minus
TOM SWIFT and His Ocean-Eye Camera
TOM SWIFT and His Cybrid Synaptor










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