Tom Swift had no trouble foiling the Brungarians or the Black Cobra, but he could be brought low by the U.S. Copyright Office. This website adapts and quotes material protected by copyright; the copyright holder is the Simon & Schuster publishing company at present. They have responded to repeated inquiries over the years by making clear that they have no plans whatsoever to reissue the old stories in any form, or to make commercial use of the characters. They have allowed the trademark to lapse. Still, they do own the relevant copyrights; their power (to sue) could be more deadly than "antiprotons rampaging." Hold your breath and cross your fingers.

So: let's be clear. As stated right at the start, the materials displayed on this site are created as "tribute, parody, and modern resurrection" and do not intend to infringe on the rights of the copyright holders of record. These stories are in no sense official entries in any of the various Tom Swift series. They are a way for wizened savants (with deep-set blue eyes) like myself to get back in touch with that lost child of the Fifties; if you detect the casting of a wry eye at our own New Millennium through the adventures of our pure and patriotic young inventor, I won't disagree. But it would be very unTomlike, and a danger to this site, if anyone were to distribute or publish these materials, or try to make a buck off them. It's done for love: let's leave it that way.